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What are LED headlights and Hid lights?


LED headlights and HID lights are lighting system bulb devices in cars that help drivers see things at night to reduce safety accidents and make drivers and passersby safer. In recent years, most car manufacturers have installed halogen lights in their cars, which use nitrogen and argon gas to heat the filament and produce light.

HID headlights, known as high-intensity discharge headlights, are headlights that use a combination of gas and metal to produce a bright blue-white light when the filament is heated. HID headlamps are used for their brightness and ability to last a long time.

LED headlamps are light-emitting diode headlamps. They use semiconductors to transmit energy - emitting
photons that produce light. These headlights can get hot, so some require additional fans or heat sinks to control the temperature. Their brightness and duration are the brightest versus the longest.

Some characteristics and differences of each of them.
Brightness: LED lights can reach 9,000-10,000 lumens, with some as high as 20,000 lumens or more, while HIDs are only 8,000 lumens. However, relatively speaking both are brighter than traditional halogen lamps.

Color: Both LED headlights and HID lights are available in a range of colors to meet all needs.

Technology: LED lights use electricity, while HIDs use a gas (usually xenon).

Price: Prices vary by brand, but generally speaking HID headlights are usually cheaper than LED headlights.

Energy: LED headlights and HID lights compared to halogen lights, both have high energy use, but LEDs are more energy efficient.

Lifespan: LED lights may have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, while HIDs only have a lifespan of 15,000 hours.

Lamp design: LED lights usually have a diode, locking tab and heat sink for the bulb. HID headlamps can have an external bulb, inner cavity, electrodes and locking tab.

Distance: LED and HID lights both have good illumination, usually up to 300 meters (about 985 feet).

Start-up time: LED lights start immediately, while the heated filament in HID may take a short time to ignite.

How to choose LED headlights vs HID headlights
Determine your needs for new headlights. If you drive a lot during the day, consider choosing halogen or HID lights, which are cheaper. For those who drive at night, our choice is LED because of its high brightness, quick start, and long life, which better protects people's safety.

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