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Cars With LED Headlights Bulbs


Learn why more and more people are using this bright headlight type and search for cars with led headlights.

Wondering if you can install led headlights on a car you have already purchased? You need to know all about led headlights to decide whether you are willing to 

replace the original halogen lights or not.

LEDs - Light Emitting Diodes, are widely used in a number of everyday devices such as home lights, advertising screen lights, bar lights these, and they offer many 

benefits compared to other types of lights. Therefore, the fact that they have made their way into car headlights is not surprising.

The Origin Of LED Headlight Bulbs        What You Need To Know Before Buying Led Headlights

You might not pay too much attention to your car’s headlights, but LED ones are an improvement on old-style yellow-ish halogen bulbs. They provide a much 

brighter (and in some cases longer) beam of light, making it easier for you to see and be seen. LED headlights are also more efficient, and last much longer 

than halogen lights.


Car manufacturers have been slowly introducing these new headlights across their ranges, and we've got to the stage now where cars with LED headlights are 

becoming more common than those without. Once the preserve of high-end luxury cars, even the cheapest superminis are now being fitted with LED technology.


LED technology doesn't rely on light bulbs. It uses long-established electronics called semiconductors that emit light when a current is passed through them.


LEDs are controlled by integrated microprocessors and because these can get very hot, are cooled by a small fan or heat exchanger. They are a lot more 

sophisticated than a normal bulb and more expensive, too. However, this cost is balanced out by the fact that they last longer than normal bulbs, so you

 shouldn't need to replace them as frequently.


A number of brands offer LED lookalike bulbs, which emit a whiter light than traditional halogen bulbs. Many upgraded halogen, xenon and LED light options are 

available - depending upon the technology fitted to your car - with some of these offering whiter or bluer light as something of a fashion statement and others

 focusing on offering the greatest possible illumination.


 Search For Cars With LED Headlights Bulbs       Get Free LED Headlight Bulbs

It can be wise to focus on the brightness of the light you choose, rather than its colour, as extra brightness should reduce eye strain at night and keep you safer on 

the road as you'll have a better view ahead, while the difference in colour may not be obvious from behind the wheel.

Technology advancements in Auto LED lighting are creating tremendous opportunities in the field of automotive aftermarket. With more than 15 years of inventions

 and industry firsts, LUXFIGHTER is becoming one of the top manufacturers for automotive LED headlight bulb in China, that helps customers around the world 

deliver differentiated solutions to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

As a leader in high performance LED headlight, LUXFIGHTER builds innovation into everything it does. We are on the constant look out for the latest technology, 

materials and the products to make sure your car is illuminated the right way. 

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