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What is the lumen value of LED headlights?


The lumen value of automotive LED headlights should be determined according to the situation: 1. Halogen low beam is used, which is better at about 1000 lumens; 2. The high beam is better at 1200 lumens; 3. Xenon lamp is used, which is better above 2000 lumens. The functions of automobile LED lights are: 1. Turn on the turn signal to remind the following vehicles and reduce rear end collision accidents; 2. See the road conditions clearly and improve driving safety; 3. Tell the vehicles behind that they are braking and pay attention to slowing down; 4. In case of emergency such as temporary parking and bad weather with low visibility, turn on the double flash to inform the passing vehicles. Maintenance methods of automobile LED lamp: 1. Regularly check the lampshade to avoid water droplets; 2. Replace the lamp regularly; 3. Adjust the height of the lamp; 4. High quality bulbs shall be used for lamp replacement; 5. Prevent foreign matters from striking the lamp.

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